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Maintaining Your Home With HouseProud

How good is your home, really? Worried you may own a “leaky home”. A Realsure HouseProud Maintenance Inspection will help you understand what condition your home is in and whether it is subject to weathertightness problems.

HouseProud lets you take control of home maintenance, upgrading and redecorating, planning and budgeting, by telling you what you need to know.

Too often we inspect homes with beautiful décor and a great exterior sitting on rotten flooring and foundations. To fix these homes sometimes requires a rebuild rather than a repair. The cost of repairs has exponentially increased from what might have been a relatively simple maintenance fix, to a considerable rebuild.

The 2005 BRANZ Research on NZ Housing indicated around 80% of homeowners questioned believed their homes to be in good condition. The reality of that condition in the 2010 survey is that less than half the homes surveyed are in good condition. A report by Price Waterhouse Cooper – identified one of the reasons for the low level of recorded failure rates (of leaky homes) is denial behaviour by home owners of the existence and/or potential severity of problems and hence the urgency of need to address them. A Realsure HouseProud report will help you understand weathertightness risk and how it relates to your home.

Put more of your hard earn dollars into the things you want to do around the home with these 6 easy to follow steps:

  1. Book your Realsure HouseProud inspection now and get the facts about where your home really is at and what needs to be done.
  2. Write up a maintenance plan based on the prioritised work identified in your report
  3. Work out what else you want to do and add to your plan as Improvements
  4. Get quotes/costs for the High Priority and Improvement work in the Plan
  5. Set your budget, allocate to the most urgent work and what is left can go towards the improvements you want to do.
  6. Set dates for the work, organise the necessary help, and away you go.

House ProudHouseProud is about helping you maintain your home in top condition. To effectively maintain your home, the HouseProud programme also recommend you request a HouseProud inspection every three to five years to address anything unexpected that may crop up.