Make Sure Your Home Is Energy Efficient

Energy Efficiency Realsure

Make sure your home is energy efficient

An energy efficient home will save you money and help our environment. They are more comfortable to live in, being warmer and drier year round, which has a major impact on the health of the people who live there. Becoming energy efficient in your home is simple and there are plenty of ways to start including looking at your insulation, curtains, glazing and heating systems.

The New Zealand Standard for property inspections requires we consider and comment on certain attributes around safety and energy efficiency. It is well documented that our older homes lack a lot when it comes to energy efficiency, often resulting in expensive heating, condensation problems, and health problems.  However, it is important to note, to be energy efficient your home does need to be free of issues such as a leaking roof, wet foundations, or ill fitting joinery, all matters which would be raised in your Realsure building report, if found.

By telling you about the glass type and insulation type, depth and coverage within the home, along with what heating and ventilation is present or not, you can begin to assess where your home is at energy wise. Knowing what is present or lacking can assist you determine what works to build into your maintenance funding for your home.

It is amazing the difference insulation, quality curtains and quality heating systems can make on a home. Our experts will help you get started on your energy efficiency journey. Please call us to learn more.