Get The Right Advice With Real Consultancy

Realsure provides independent consultancy services for Property Owners, Property Managers, Tenants, Law firms, and the Disputes & Tenancy Tribunals.

Our service includes the following 4 key areas:

Realsure ConsultancyBuilding Audits and Research

Realsure has the expertise to carry out client specific audits and provide detailed and accurate reports in accordance with building code requirements, standards, and manufacturer specifications, or client specific requirements.

Realsure has been involved in or undertaken a number of research projects for a variety of government organisations.

Building Investigation / Weathertightness

Leaking, mould and dampness can make a building an unhealthy and unsafe place to live.  Finding out why a building is not performing as it is supposed to requires consideration of more factors than just looking at the building itself.

Using our expertise in building pathology and construction, along with specialist equipment such as moisture meters and thermal imagers, a Realsure Surveyor can identify leaks, defects, causes of mould, and dampness and report back on their findings. Depending on the era of the building, weathertightness (Leaky building) risk may form part of the investigation.
Our investigation can include moisture testing or timber sampling, air sampling, lead testing, meth screening, and asbestos sampling. This helps us give property owners a full picture of the current or future building’s healthiness.

If you are worried you may own a “leaky” home, or just want to know its ok, we recommend you start with HouseProud to get a good understanding of how your home is performing and what risk it may be subject to.  If you are worried you may be looking at buying a “leaky home”, we recommend you order a Realsure HouseInspection.

Legal: Expert Witness and Dispute Work

Realsure provides an expert perspective like no other Group in NZ can. As an ISO Registered Group of Accredited Building Surveyors specialising in Standard compliant Pre-Purchase inspections, Realsure has provided definitive expert evidence assisting in some outstanding outcomes, including the most recent precedent setting case – See Hepburn v Cunningham Contracts Ltd CIV-2011-485-1308[2013] NZHC 210.  We can provide expert witness and investigative work for legal firms to assist their clients with building-related disputes and issues related to Residential Property Inspection Standard NZS3406:2005.

This service is becoming more prevalent with weathertightness “Leaky Building” related cases, due to consumers buying “leaky homes” based on sub-standard building reports., often proclaiming to be Standard compliant as in Hepburn v Cunningham.  The Standard requires weathertightness to be considered.   Justice William in Hepburn v Cunningham when determining the scope for the pre-purchase inspection expected the inspector to point out weathertightness risk factors, whether leaking or not.

A number of Dispute Tribunals have taken advantage of our expertise and experience to obtain reports on poor workmanship and installation practices.
Tenancy Tribunals, tenants, landlords, or property managers are also using our expertise to undertake investigations and reports to assist in resolving disputes, particularly around determining whether issues might be property related, occupier related, or a combination of both.

Compliance Issues – Unauthorised Work, Incomplete Building Permit or Consent Work

Realsure has successfully worked with many clients under a variety of Councils (BCA’s) “sort through” outstanding or unauthourised building works.  Every case is different, and one solution does not fit all.  In commissioning and working with Realsure, you access our experience, knowledge and robust processes to assist you navigate through the necessary procedures and achieve the best possible outcome.