Build Your New Home With QualityTracker®

QualityTracker home assurance

Build Your New Home With QualityTracker

Building a new home requires a substantial investment and if not done correctly can put your biggest asset at risk. Remember the best time to ensure your new home is soundly built is during its construction.

Realsure provides a highly experienced arbiter during key phases of the construction process to keep an eagle eye for any potential faults and defects in the build. From the initial planning process right through to occupation and beyond QualityTracker® will provide independent monitoring of your building project at 5-key phases of construction.

Protect your home construction investment and take out the stress with a Realsure QualityTracker® monitor during construction.

The Realsure QualityTracker® process

Quality TrackerHow does it work? The Realsure QualityTracker® process follows the build through seven distinct phases, each of which has a Realsure sign-off.

Each phase is thoroughly documented and signed off as a record of the quality of the build. At the completion of the eighth phase (the Trimester check) we will present you with a Realsure Quality Certificate as proof of process.

The ninth phase of the process is the Triennial review, which is all about maintaining your home throughout its life.

    1. Plan Scope An introduction to the QualityTracker® process, then after a review of your plans, we will give you a detailed quote.
    2. Specification Review A review of your plans and consents, checking in particular details such as weather tightness and insulation.
    3. Foundation Review A review of the foundations with all plumbing and electrical services in place.
    4. Framing Review A review of the wall and roof framing, building wrap and connections.
    5. Lining Preview An inspection of wall and ceiling insulation, plumbing, and electrical installations as well as timber moisture readings.
    6. Painting Preview A review of interior and exterior finishing on walls, trim and fit-outs prior to painting.
    7. The Champagne Inspection The final inspection to NZ Standard 4306:2005, before signing off with the builder and handing you the keys along with your maintenance manual.
    8. Trimester Inspection Your first warrant of fitness test to make sure all is as it should be with your new home and that no warranty work is required.
    9. Three Year Inspection A full inspection to ensure your home is still in solid shape and that no warranty claims are necessary and that your maintenance work is up to date.

Why put your biggest asset at risk? Make sure you have your home built correctly with QualityTracker®