Realsure Winter Tips

Here’s a couple tips to keep you safe and dry this winter…

Gutter Tip

Keep those gutters clear.

With recent rain, hail and snow it’s really important you ensure your gutters are clear of debris and flowing freely.  Blocked gutters can redirect the water into the soffits and walls causing mould, damp, and rot in the home.  You can find some great videos on line to help you safely clean your gutters, or call your local roofer/plumber or tradesman to get a quote.  Always use the appropriate height safety access for you and your tradesman.

Real Hot Tip

Dispose of your fires embers safely.  True story: A friend put the Saturday night cold fire embers into the wheelie bin on Sunday afternoon, only to have the wheelie bin burst into flames on Monday afternoon.  Scary!

Standards NZ website recommends you put hot ash and embers in a metal container and wet thoroughly before disposal. They advise it can take up to 5 days for ash and embers to completely die out.