Buying without a building report – Russian Roulette

People we know recently sold their Auckland home by auction. Even though they were told there were 7 or 8 interested parties they were a bit worried because there were no building reports commissioned at all. However, on the day there were indeed 7 parties bidding for the home which […] Read more »

Is your home quake safe?

Central and Southern New Zealand has been hit with some significant quakes over the past few years and while some residential homes have been damaged beyond repair, they have generally withstood the shaking without loss of life, which is what is required of them. However, a lot has been learned […] Read more »

Top 5 tips when buying a home

Buying a home can be a real minefield. To help you through the process we have put together our top 5 tips. 1. Talk to your lawyer before signing your contract. The Sale and Purchase Agreement is a legally binding contract once signed by you and the seller.  Talk to […] Read more »

Choosing the Right House Inspector

The Herald 2010 In light of the recent Real Estate Agents Authority (REAA – CAC10011) decision against an Auckland Real Estate Agent who was prevented from contracting a specific house inspection company  by the contract of sale and purchase, it is timely to re-visit the house inspection industry and really […] Read more »

Build it right or the Building Act will bite

June 2012 The recent changes in the Building Act along with those likely to be implemented in Bill (No 4) will have far-reaching consequences for many builders in the residential construction sector. The changes are all designed to improve efficiency and productivity of the industry, reinforce incentives to upskill and […] Read more »

Property Inspectors Crusade For Protection 26 May 2012 It’s an understatement to say Sarah and Bruce Symon are passionate about their property inspection business, Realsure. A better term would be “crusaders for better industry standards” because over the past 12 years they have battled obstruction from the real estate industry, campaigned to educate the […] Read more »

Buying A Leaky Home

The Herald Q & A 8 November 2010 Author: Bruce Symon Taking on a “leaky home” requires accurate knowledge about the condition of the home, the weather tightness risks, and the extent of current failures, such as your leaking upper level decking. Without knowing the extent of these matters, it […] Read more »

Thermal Imaging Cameras – Dispelling the myths

The Herald August 2009 Non invasive moisture detection devices and other tools are widely used by Accredited Building Surveyors to help build up a picture of any problems with a property. However, many people don’t fully understand the abilities – and the limitations – of such tools and there are […] Read more »