Invasive Building Report – Not as we know it.

There’s a new trend in pre-purchase or pre-sale reports called an Invasive Building Report. These “invasive” reports put a camera scope into the wall cavity to obtain a limited view of the cavity between wall studs, dwangs, and the bottom plate. The scope is generally put into the wall through […] Read more »

Providing a pre-sale builders report when selling – A critical need to know

If you are putting your home up for sale, should you consider having your own building inspection? Should this be part of your “sellers info pack”? Based on the rapid increase in seller’s info packs with pre-sale builder’s reports – the answer would appear to be “Yes.” Realistically, the last […] Read more »

Reflecting on 2015 – A Real-Achievement

From Co-founder and Director Sarah Symon How often do you hear – where has the year gone, and here we are again rounding off another year.  WHAT A YEAR. As a nation we aren’t great at celebrating achievements or acknowledging success, yet who we are as an organisation and a […] Read more »

A personal journey from icebox to warmth.

Realsure director, Sarah Symon shares her very own journey transforming her house from a drafty icebox to a warm and comfortable home. Sarah moved into her new place back in 2003 and while she loved the home, going to bed wearing a beanie wasn’t a practical solution to a big problem. […] Read more »

An inconvenient truth about healthy warm homes.

Our building industry can be product driven by suppliers and the message about making your home healthy and warm can sometimes be much the same.  Fighting words perhaps, but you could be wasting your hard earned money on insulation, heating or dehumidifying systems if the home you are putting them into is […] Read more »

Realsure Winter Tips

Here’s a couple tips to keep you safe and dry this winter… Gutter Tip Keep those gutters clear. With recent rain, hail and snow it’s really important you ensure your gutters are clear of debris and flowing freely.  Blocked gutters can redirect the water into the soffits and walls causing […] Read more »

Realsure win Excellence Award

They’ve been called crusaders by the media and deal breakers by the real estate industry but it’s hard to question their quality of service and commitment to improve the property inspection industry when co-founders and owners of the Realsure Group Bruce and Sarah Symon are now training their competition as […] Read more »

Beware the small print.

Buying a property can be both exhilarating and frightening at the same time, yet it’s a time you need to be attentive to the small print – in the Sale and Purchase agreement. We have recently been working with several purchasers and their lawyers who are fighting to withdraw from […] Read more »

A Screw in Time Saves $10k

From the moment our homes are built they are in a state of degeneration. Periodically each of the homes components will require some repair or maintenance to keep them performing for the maximum possible time.  Understanding what needs to be done and when is the key to smart, cost effective […] Read more »

Buying without a building report – Russian Roulette

People we know recently sold their Auckland home by auction. Even though they were told there were 7 or 8 interested parties they were a bit worried because there were no building reports commissioned at all. However, on the day there were indeed 7 parties bidding for the home which […] Read more »